Imagine that you had recognized the need to treat the world and its resources as finite & irreplaceable when oil still cost $1 a barrel. 

Custom Homes

That is what we did…

We have been building green and installing sustainable systems for over 30 years, long before it was popular. Our clients are very pleased with their home or system and all of our systems are still working, even after years of operation! We are obsessive about quality, durability and utility. We focus on customer service and custom design/build in new construction, remodeling and all our systems. We build to strive for LEED Platinum standards in every new & remodeled home.

There are many reasons to build Sustainably, especially in New Mexico:

Passive solar

A more sustainable building is a better investment for many reasons. It will cost less to own and operate while having better resale value. There are several tax breaks available…

Sustainable Building for a New Millennium